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Monday, September 4, 2017

Kindergarten NEWS
 September 4-8
Upcoming Events
Monday, Sept. 4Labor Day/No School

Thursday, Sept. 14Fall School Pictures

Oct. 2-6SEP Week.  Regular school hours for SEP Week are as follows:
AM students:  8:50-10:50
PM students:  12:30-2:30
This is the schedule every day for the weekeven on Early Out Wednesday.

Early Literacy Idea
Play with letters!  Magnetic letters are good for word play.  Also, let your child trace letters in sand, salt, rice, etc. as they say both the letter names and sounds. 

South Elementary is collecting box tops!  The first due date is on October 18. Please send your box tops with your child and have them bring them to our classroom.  THANK YOU!
         We have worked hard on establishing a routine and effective classroom management skills so optimal learning will occur with each child.  Let me explain how our classroom management works.  If a student is disrupting the rest of the class, he/she gets a clothespin on the green stoplight.  This is just a reminder.  If he/she needs two reminders, the clothespin is moved to yellow and five minutes of recess is missed.  If three reminders are needed, he/she sits on the “thinking chair” away from the other children.  After a few minutes, I visit with him/her and ask if they are ready to join the class again.  If there is still a problem, he/she visits with Mr. Oldroyd and it will be determined if the skills building program is needed.  Your child will bring home a paper for you to sign if he/she was on the red stoplight that day.  I will also contact you so we can further discuss how we can work together to improve the behavior.  Thank you for your support!
         Have a wonderful week and please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns!

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